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Here you can find rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, earrings of a special kind and with new concept  and forms, resin jewelry and gold or silver leaf, jewelery with metallic inclusions, prototypes of jewelery, costume jewelery, with very particular fashion appeal and glamour, and unique, distinctive, sensation for touch and see! The jewels by PiGatto are very visible and easy to match and wear. They are the perfect accessory for your fitting and for classic or sporty look , young or even more aged.

If you want to see more artistic productions by PiGatto, ( not jewelry, but art, graphics, paintings etc.) go to www.pigattoart.com, or if you want to see design, objects, or patents, go to pigatto-design.com, where you can see new projects, as well as informations, blogs, social links on objects of art and design by PiGatto.

PiGatto makes it easy to build your own jewelry according to your needs and is very simple to order or buy online. You can also call for information at +39 347 2526966.

Explore the site and if you have any particular inspiration write or call us!


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